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Pacific Ocean - Kukinaga

Just outside of Tanegashima Space Center on the south end of the island are a number of rock formations jutting out of the water.  Courtney for scale.

Sunrise - Shinjuku

Looking northeast over Tokyo in the early morning from the Keio Plaza hotel in Shinjuku.

Sugar Refinery - Tanegashima

Tanegashima is the island of sugar cane and sweet potatoes.  On the north east shore, across form Nishinoomote, is a traditional refinery that allows visitors to come in and watch the entire process of making sugar.

Route 58 - Tanegashima

Looking eastward from route 58 just south of Nakatane-cho.  There is so little light pollution around Tanegashima that, assuming good weather, the nights are perfect for spotting constellations and satellites.  It also makes for some very dark roads.

Stamp - Minamitane Junior High School

During our time in Tanegashima, Japan we were able to visit two schools in Minamitane.  In the hallway of the Minamitane Junior High School was a display of student made inkan or hanko.  These types of seals are typical in East Asia and can be used for signing official documents to labeling artwork.